Who knows Astrology knows himself. Most people are programmed by society’s stereotype and try to be different from their true self. Astrology is one of the best ways to see yourself as you really are. Another way is phycology but that takes longer and can be very expensive, also its true to say much of phycology’s typecasting comes from astrology’s system. Astrological knowledge is one of the oldest sciences which is based on thousands of years of studies. Our ancestors had lots of time to watch people around them, comparing their characters and destinies and matching those things with the stars and seeing patterns emerge. Why it works no one knows but the statistics make it hard to ignore.

One example is people with Moon in Gemini love to talk a lot. Why this is so I don’t know – but this is always the case. Maybe the same reason why all zebras have stripes? Another example, every man with Venus in Capricorn, or in the same degree with Saturn, is married to an older woman – the same zebra reason!

In my consultations, I always rely on research and proof points, rather than repeat from books, I of course respect other experts’ astrological theory, but always check what I read in practice. As an example about ten years ago, I did research by advertising for people born 23 and 24 December to call a phone number and answer some questions in return for getting a free consultancy afterwards from me. The reason was that at that time Pluto had just left their Sun and I wanted to collect statistics on how that Pluto move worked. I got many calls and collected interesting facts which showed how dramatic all of their lives changed under that Pluto transit. I have many other research points on other transits and topics.

Astrology is a very effective way of personality analysis, but does little to help with problem resolution. Phycology is oriented to problems which is why I use both sciences. My own consulting method therefore combines both sciences to deliver quickly and efficiently in the first meeting;
a) Discovery of my Clients priorities,
b) A formulation and naming of the main issues,
c) Working on my Client’s problem to bring first relief and a positive plan.

Over many years of study and practice I have developed my own method which helps both with partnership and personal issues, as well as self-understanding and acceptance of one’s true self, which is a big step in freeing from stereotypes and illusions to gain a real freedom and confidence.