Consultations & Price

To prepare for a consultation I will need, your birth date, place of birth, time of birth (often found in the Birth Certificate). I will need this information a couple of days before we meet to prepare.

My Clients are completely free to discuss any topics or questions except medical ones. Below are examples of topics most often raised in Consultations

Personal Horoscope

  • Understand your real personality
  • Deal with fears and get past old patterns

Partner compatibility

  • How suitable is my partner?
  • How strong are my partners true feelings and is the attraction?
  • What can I expect from my Partner?
  • What is my Partners real character?
  • What is best advice and timing to improve my relationship?

Children Horoscope

  • Designed to identify talents
  • Look to create best development path
  • Understand your Childs character traits

Business, Life and Ambition opportunities

  • Preparation and timing for key decisions

Support through a difficult life period

  • Many Clients want advice and support through a life change, crisis or changed new life phase

The above topics are merely examples of commonly discussed scenarios. Every Client consultation is only about his wishes. Often in a Consultation I am asked to do Charts or Analysis of people in the circle of my Client, and I do this as part of the service and with no extra charge.

Whatever we discuss in a Consultation, my aim is to make life happier and easier for my Client.


First Consultation – CHF 180
Following Consultations – CHF 150
3 Consultations per month plus phone support during the month – CHF 450