About Me

I had always been interested in people and had been looking for some clear system to better understand different people and relationships between them. I discovered astrology in Moscow in 1989 when I read my first astrological book and later met a teacher. In 1992 I moved to Germany and continued studying astrology also from books, courses, astrological seminars and in practice by interpreting charts of people that I knew, I was amazed at the patterns and the predictabilities that I found. In 1995 I opened my own Astrological practice the first such in my area. I collected experiences from my Clients and at the same type studied physiology and psychiatry. I regularly visited seminars of world renown astrologers and did my own research.

In 2007 I met my future husband who was an NLP practitioner in London. Together we worked out new techniques of Consulting. Since 2012 we live in Zurich. I write a monthly Astrological column in the magazine “Russian Sswiss” plus consult Clients in German, Russian or English.

My Clients come to me for relationship problem solving or other issues relating to self esteem, confidence building or even best timing and advice on important life or business decisions.