People are slowly coming (or better to say returning) to the realization that it is better to live in harmony with nature than to conquer it. Astrology is a part of the Laws of Nature which should be learned and used for our own advantage. Astrological rhythms are one year; twelve years and many others. Some of these rhythms you may notice yourself. For instance if you look back over your life and remember events which enabled you to advance socially, you may find these happened every twelve years, and if so these are driven by Jupiter movement. There are many other less clear patterns, for example every two and a half years, one gets a new aim or a new strong desire which is although less clear, wholly predictable by astrology.

Astrology is the way to gain understanding of these natural rhythms, and wise is to have them analysed so that one may then follow them, rather than struggle against them unprepared.

Another way of putting this Philosophical approach is that there is good and bad weather, and everybody understands that it would be a nonsense to go for a picnic in the rain. But there is also something like “personal” weather for each of us which is determined by planetary energy – only in this case we do no act logically. If the weather is good the planets in the sky are in harmony to planets of our birth horoscope – we feel good, enjoy life and don’t bother to do anything important. And in ” bad weather ” when everything goes wrong we then tend to make it worse by trying to undertake something quite desperate to change the situation, although it would be right to do exactly the opposite and do all important steps only during positive transits! A good astrologer would be very helpful here, unless a person would possess so much intuition that he could simply feel all this… but how many of us can work in reverse to our natural emotions?


Clients often ask me advice about important matters; for instance is a certain date a good or bad one for surgery? It is ethically important to me that I remain positive for my Client whilst always being truthful. So in this circumstance, I will ask if that date for surgery could be changed. If the answer is no, the date cannot be changed, I will rather not research whether it is a good or bad day, and tell them next time they have an important event, to consult me before booking it.

Clearly if my Client has asked me such a question, they see me in some sort of authority or at least value my opinion and in this case any negative comment from me could influence their recovery or their state of mind. If there is “bad weather” ahead for my Client, I focus on consulting solutions to deal with that whilst avoiding negative programming.

Sometimes I hear stories about fortune tellers and clairvoyants telling some worrying prediction which a person can’t forget for years. This is simply irresponsible. Select your Consultant carefully because you really don’t need negative programming.