Tiger Codex

Tiger is completely deprived an inferiority complex. Everything he says or does it seems to it correct, beautiful, necessary, pertinent and worthy imitations. And as the majority of the population as a rule has no strongly pronounced own opinion – it (the population) easily joins the opinion of Tiger, naively believing, that for such confidence he must have some reasons.

As an optimistic and thoughtless being, Tiger quickly forgets all the troubles and feels trust to any stranger. But having noticed once that the partner conducts (plays) dishonest game, Tiger never will trust him completely again and will constantly watch him with a corner of an eye.

The Tiger is very noble and never attacks the weaker creature. And as in his opinion he is the strongest of all – he generally deliberately does not offend anybody. An exception is the situation which Tiger understands as “an invitation to fight” – then it with pleasure shows the force and invincibility (occasionally having lost some fight, Tiger forgets it immediately (at once), therefore the sensation of invincibility remains unshakable).